SLAM is a grouping of activists and organizers from student clubs throughout CUNY. Despite our different backgrounds, we've come together to articulate a shared belief:

An education for all is an education by all.

Our mission is to mobilize against the crisis in public higher education, while building a movement around the notion that the struggle for true human liberation is the struggle for control over the institutions that shape our daily lives.

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the free academy


(1900, CCNY Archives)


The CUNY Board of Trustees just approved a $100 tuition hike effective Fall 2018, a decision they made between semesters.

This hike passed when students wouldn't be able to put up a fight, and it will do nothing to change substandard conditions at CUNY.

Without action, students will face similar tuition increases scheduled for the next three years.

We're not asking for what's ours. We're taking #FreeCUNY.

Check our full statement: the case for #freeCUNY

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In solidarity,

The Student Liberation Action Movement Coalition


CUNY students
at Federal Hall in
1989 protesting
a proposed
tuition increase.

Sara Krulwich
The New York Times


This is a story not of elites but of the children of migrants and immigrants. Like their counterparts in the south, they were tired of waiting for someone to enforce supreme court rulings; they understood that to achieve more far-reaching social change, they had to put their bodies on the line—and so they did.